Saturday 11 July 2020

Hatter Feeds - Part 2

A look at the side loading door. The Hatter sign is given a light sanding with fine sandpaper before application.
Just some more detailed and up close views of Hatter's...George Dutka

The front door with a loading platform. I added some Juneco and Tichy details to the platform.
The side door is modeled partly open showing some details. The door track was changed out with L channel stock that is rusted up. The trim is all painted chalk board green from the dollar store. Oh since the doors are open I had to make a floor out of scraps.
I look down at the roofing. The FOS tar paper roof is cut into 3' widths and stained with a wash of Floquil  Pullman green and highlighted with Bragdon powders. Some patching is also applied. Wondering why Pullman green...I had it out spray-painting a milk car. I did have to brace the roofing as the cardstock had a bit of a bow to it....even the small piece of roofing required a brace.

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