Monday 27 July 2020

BAR Patched Boxcar

Both sides of the Athearn boxcar are weathered a bit different.
I picked up this nicely paint patched Athearn boxcar. The Athearn series is called "Primed For Grime". The model got a coat of Model Master flat clear. Some acrylic rust spots are added to the body before a coat of PanPastel raw unber shade is applied to the original paint areas. I left the new paint areas clean...George Dutka

Right out of the box. Although it looks great as is adding weathering to the roof and rust spots to the sides really goes a long way to resemble the prototype.
I used PanPastel raw umber shade on the areas that are not patched to contrast and dirty up the old paint.
The silver roof was given a coat of flat finish then a wash of India ink and alchol. AK and Vallejo stains are applied sparingly.

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