Saturday 4 July 2020

What's in the Box No. 43

Pete's Garage.
Pete's Garage by Railroad Line Models is actually a BarMills produced kit. It appears that BarMills packaged and laser cut the kit for RLM. Peter and I actually saw the prototype model while touring BarMills shop in 2016 part of the Danvers Expo. It is a neat little concrete stonework structure that measures 3" by 3". I decided to turn mine into a motorcycle shop.

Happy 4th of July...George Dutka

This is what you get in the package.
The drawing are all one needs to build this kit. It is very simple to assemble.
This was the BarMills display at Springfield an HO and O scale version. Not sure if Railroad Line Models is still around or if BarMills are offering these kits as only the O scale kit is found on-line.
A little bit of sanding was required to get the corners right.
My finished model. More on what I did tomorrow.