Wednesday 15 July 2020

Throwback Thursday - Vehicles By the Tracks

This CP Transport rig has just crossed the CN tracks in Gravenhurst on July 22, 1988.
By Peter Mumby.
Model railroaders don't just collect and build railroad models.  Structures and scenic accents are also a big part of the picture.  And then there are vehicles - who doesn't appreciate well done vehicle models - and they definitely go a long way towards establishing a time frame for the layout.  Perhaps you will give some consideration to emulating one or two of the vehicles featured in today's photos.

CP Transport trailer #5498 was caught crossing the tracks of the CN Newmarket Sub in Gravenhurst in July of 1988.  At that time, similar trailers in the CP family were still around carrying Smith Transport lettering as well.  THB 366032 was captured the following year in Hamilton.  Normally, OCS vehicles I have seen are in much better condition than the subject of this photo - lots of scope for the weathering powders here!

CN 668094 was photographed with its load of Volvo graders at Goderich, Ontario in 2003 on the Goderich Exeter Railway.  For years the graders loaded here were Champion products, until the plant was taken over by Volvo.  As so often is the case, Volvo produced graders at the plant ( located across the road from the GEXR yard) for a few years, then shut it down.  It doesn't seem so long ago that the vast majority of the graders seen in municipal or county service in Southwestern Ontario were Champion models.

TH&B 366032 is looking like it has been around the block quite a few times by March 13 of 1989 when this portrait was made in Hamilton.

Across the street from the ex-CN station in Goderich, Ontario was a loading ramp where products from the Champion/Volvo factory were loaded on flat cars such as the CN 668094 illustrated here.  This car was ready on April 10, 2003 for shipment on the next GEXR freight.

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