Monday 13 July 2020

July 2020 - Update

My newest station is named Wells. I actually cut off the River from a photo I took of the Wells River station sign back about 8 years ago.
Summer is here and the hot weather is keeping me indoors. Actually an upcoming major surgery on Thursday is also keeping me inside as I had a Covid-19 test done and now have to isolate till the surgery. I am told if all goes well I will be in the hospital for a no posts for that period...George Dutka

A new stump added to the ROW and a tree. The deer are also in this area.
Bruce Douglas pass along these views of the Milford - Bennignton Ry 901. It appears the name is only painted on one side. I guess it only is seen most of the time from that side. Milford, NH June 2020. Andy supplied me with the photographers names that took the photos, they are Wayne Johnson and Bruce Boudrow, thanks Andy.
Another view supplied by Bruce Douglas of 901 with the name seen during June 2020 at Wilton, NH.
I just picked up this milk car book which I found interesting and worth the money if your are a milk car fan.
Wondering what color to paint your houses. Paint chips from 1940's from John Nehrich's Facebook page

Paint chips from 1920's, John Nehrich Facebook

My newest addition to the fleet is an Oxford model 1946-48 DeSoto, noel green. I gave it a coat of flat finish and rusted up the wheel wells and bottom of the doors since it would be almost 10 years old on my layout.
My brass CP slanted cupola caboose is finally finished. It has been sitting on the corner of my workbench since September 2019 waiting for a paint job. The sides got a coat of Floquil tuscan. The end platforms are brush painted black following a photo I have that Peter gave me. A Juneco conductor is added to the end platform.
At work on the WRD.
Brian Smith picked up this nicely weathered 65' gondola with a really nice load. Thanks for sharing the photo Brian.
This F&C kit CV milk car was built by Bob Bowes. It is nicely built but the decals are not applied the best. It was a toss up wither to strip or try to fix the bad spots. I went for the fix. I gave it a gloss coat followed by a flat finish seal but the seams really show badly. I decided to apply some PanPastel blender fading it a bit and brush painted acrylic white on the bad areas as streaks. It looks a lot better now. I still will give it an over-spray of Floquil reefer white as a tone down.
Another load on Brian Smith's layout...he sure likes his steel loads. This car has some great bulges in the sides and a bit of a swayback. Thanks for sharing Brian.


  1. I think the Milford Bennington loco has been part repainted as I’ve seen images from earlier this year with the left side in oxide primer

    1. Thanks Nick I was wondering as I thought I could see some primer on it...George