Thursday 9 July 2020

Throwback Thursday - Winnie

Ex-GWWD 103 sits comfortably aboard CP flat 421466 on February 19, 1994.  Note the steam-style pilot sitting on the walkway.
By Peter Mumby.
Former Greater Winnipeg Water District GE 44-ton locomotive #103 was caught resting on the shop track at CP's Quebec St Yard in London, Ontario.  Built in May of 1947, it had worn CN numbers 7751, 7550, and 1 before going to work with GWWD.  It was en route to Port Stanley Terminal Rail where it would become that line's L3.  After its years in Winnipeg, it would quite appropriately also carry the name "Winnie" in the service of its new owner.


  1. One of the first two diesels that worked on Prince Edward Island!

    1. Thanks for the input Steve, will take a look...George