Saturday 11 July 2020

Tank Car Storage Facility

The finished fuel oil storage facility.
Brian Smith gave me this tank car which did not fit his era. When I got it on my workbench I felt it would be too much work to update it enough to fit into my fleet. So plan B is to repurposed it into a fuel oil storage facility....George Dutka

The tank arrives on my workbench. Although the trucks have steel wheels they are not great so they are removed.
There was some weathering on the tank. I added some AK and Vallejo stains. I then added some AK pencil markings. These are then brushed down with a damp brush.
I added an Earl's sign from a BarMills kit I have. I propped it up off the ground using Mt. Albert lumber that is stained.
The final step is a light over-spray of Floquil grimy black.

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