Sunday, 5 July 2020

Railroad Line Models - Pete's Garage

The finished model is ready to go into my back alley scene.
I recently completed the BarMills Pete's garage. The kit went together very fast, not like other small wooden kit builds I normally do. I altered the signage's to make it a bike shop for my new alley scene that is coming along well. It is the kind of structure that could be an out building for any industry. I like the looks of how the concrete blocks turned out. I don't have many block buildings in my collection...just something I have not come across often in kits. The captions tell the story...George Dutka

The basic colors are applied to the parts.
The structure was painted spray bomb auto primer gray. I then randomly applied these two tones of acrylic paints Graphite and rain gray or a mix of the two. They look kind of stark when applied but once I brush a very light coat of PanPastel medium gray tone over the walls they really tone down a lot.
Windows and doors are painted Floquil grime then a coat of Hunterline tie brown. I weathered them with PanPastel burnt sienna shade. The wall caps are painted Anita's rust red. A few days later I noted the walls had buckled a bit after painting so bracing was added crossing the base. I also had to add bracing to the card stock roofing.
 The weathering is kept a bit lighter than normal. I used PanPastels for this. The wall vent is a BarMills offering which is an add-on and rusted up. The tar paper roofing is what is included in the kit painted Floquil grime and weathered with Bragdon dark rust and soot.
The Eastown Motorcycle sign is a reduced 80% copy of a Roomettes offering. The other signs on the front are copies from a FOS kit. The roof stack is just a plastic q-tip center section. painted black. The kit came with two side lamps but one was broken. I painted the lamp dollar store red.
On Peter and I visit to BarMills in 2016 the packaging is on the desk while Railroad Line Models Pete's garage is on the screen to the right in the BarMills office. The companies other structures are also shown.

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