Saturday, 30 January 2021

Ex-Pillsbury Covered Hoppers

The article views the patched Soo car modeled as the lead in photo and the stock model below.

While visiting layouts during Trainfest 2019 I took a break from the operations and sat down near a pile of magazines. The copy I looked at was the SOO Line historical society winter 2019, which had a neat article about modeling covered hoppers using an InterMountain Pillsbury car. It appears the Soo purchased 84 Pillsbury cars 125010 - 125059 and 125104-125137 in 2006. Built in 1979 as a group of 200 for Pillsbury some still are seen today of course with other reporting marks. I ran across one in Woodstock CP yard recently...George Dutka

OFCX 125014 is seen in Woodstock CP yard on November 14, 2020. This would have been one of the Soo cars back in 2006.

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