Friday, 9 April 2021

B&M Milk Cars - ex-Erie

Two ex-Erie milk cars in use on the WRD. The tuscan red car is a F&C kit I built a number of years ago.

Kevin Smith sent this information to me regarding the B&M milk car...thanks Kevin...George Dutka

I dug thru earlier & found reference to the ex Erie cars in the Summer 1977 New England States Ltd. magazine. Pics are all B & W, but in the text:
"The B&M purchased several steel milk cars secondhand from the Erie RR in 1955. 
These were 42 ft. cars built by Greenville Car Co. in 1936 and painted an olive color while on the Erie.
Some of these cars remained in their original color on the B&M while others were painted B&M maroon.
At least one, #1878, survived at the H.P. Hood & Sons plant in Charlestown, MA...."
The Erie cars came to the B&M 1875-1880 (6 cars) designated for H.P. Hood service was reported in Northern New England color guide to frt. and passenger equipment. 

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