Friday 30 April 2021

Completing the Mill

The mill got a coat of Hunterline weathering mix followed by washes of Floquil tuscan red. I normally put a wash of Floquil grime over the Hunterline stains but I went for a darker wood look.

I have shown you the finished Myers mill in an earlier blog post. Here is more of the construction on this South River kit...George Dutka

I highlighted the tuscan red with red chalk were the wood is more protected.

The tarpaper roofing is done in two colors. The shingled area is leftover BEST shingles from one of their mill kits I built last year. They gave me lots with the kit. The roof weathering is done with PanPastels, MIG powders and Bragdon powders.

A close-up of my weathering products and the walls at this point.

There is a template which works well to lay out the loading dock.

Rust Texture is also used on most of the metal parts.

A look at the loading dock. All the details are included in the kit including the pigeons.

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