Thursday, 29 April 2021

Throwback Thursday? - Drive-By Shooting

CN 4136 is operating with 7068 and 7083 in the London yard on April 18, 2021. Terry Nixon photo.

By Peter Mumby.

Normally the photos I choose for Throwback Thursday posts are 15-30 years old.  Today's shots were exposed on April 18 of 2021.  So, what gives?  They were taken by local railfan and retired railway conductor Terry Nixon, and George sent them to me because the three similar units were operating together wearing three different paint schemes, each of which was applied when the locomotives were rebuilt nearly 30 years ago.  So, if you will permit a bit of a stretch, the "throwback" actually applies to the paintwork appearing on the units.  Oh, and there isn't really anything sinister in the "drive-by shooting" title - it simply stems from the fact that Terry was pleased with himself for taking these photos without leaving the confines of his vehicle!

All three of these locomotives are rebuilt GP9s, designated as model GP9RM.  Along with many mechanical and electrical upgrades, a lowered short hood was applied.  CN 4136 of class GR418f was remanufactured in 1991.  At that time the control stand was altered for short hood forward operation.  It was considered to be a road switcher, and was painted in the stripe scheme that was standard on road switchers of that time period.  The most unusual aspect of this paint scheme was that the cab numerals were done in gold with a white outline.  A hint of this gold paint is still visible in today's photo.

CN 7068, class GS418c, was rebuilt in 1992.  Units 7000-7083 were classified as switchers, and although the short hood was designated as the front, control stands were not altered, meaning that long hood forward operation still applied.  This unit was painted in the standard switcher scheme of the period with the large noodle on the long hood.  Like the 4136, it featured gold digits on the cab.  By the time 7083 was completed, the CN North America scheme had been introduced, and the appropriate small noodle with single stripe was applied.  Gone were the gold cab side digits, superseded by the ones of the more mundane light grey colour. 

CN 7068 is still wearing the paint work that was originally applied in 1992. Terry Nixon photo

CN 7083 models the standard paint work of the CN North America scheme. Terry Nixon photo



  1. Thanks for posting these, Peter. We often had a mix of CN Geeps on the roadswitchers out of Belleville and it was neat to see the variations. All Geeps are not created the same!

  2. Hi Eric
    Peter does a great job putting pictures to words. You should really like this weeks throwback...Peter is back with the London reclamation yard...George

  3. I'm all over that. Thanks for the heads-up, George! Plus, I've seen many of Peter's prints at train shows we've been at and they're great, too!
    Thanks for sharing,