Monday, 5 April 2021

RailroadKITS - G. Marshall's Shipping Co.

I began by using PanPastel orange extra dark over the Floquil grime base coat.

The base coat is stain followed by a coat of Floquil grime. PanPastel and chalk is used for coloring...George Dutka 

Yellow chalk is applied over the PanPastel.

The extension on the end is colored with PanPastel neutral gray shade followed by raw umber shade.

Gray tar paper roofing is applied and the joints are highlighted with Bragdon dark rust powders.The extension and overhang have red tar paper that is heavily worn.

The windows are colored with camo coat olive spray bomb from Home Hardware followed by a dusting of PanPastel crom. green shade. Styrene tubing as a smoke stack is exchanged with the kits chimney which seemed too bulky. The door overhang is built a bit different that the kit required. I used three wires from above instead of the bracing supplied for below. I also added rafters to the overhang.

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