Saturday, 17 April 2021

Driftwood Stain

My vinegar-steel wool mix is applied to a section of strip wood. I did wipe it down as suggested.

I tried a driftwood recipe found on-line which has one put a piece of steel wool in a plastic water bottle full of vinegar and leave it there for a week. Well it did not work well for me. The wood did stain but looked nothing like driftwood. It also had a bad smell to it...on to another project...George Dutka  

On this section of strip wood I did not wipe it off and a darker stain is left but nothing like driftwood.

My recent RailroadKITS build I tried the stain on. It turned the wood different shades of brown with some areas not staining at all as seen on the small extension. I did wipe it off as suggested. I went over the building with Hunterline stain and Floquil grime and all is well.

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