Tuesday, 7 February 2023

CV Wreck Train

CV wreck train at St. Johnsbury, Vt. on Aug 11, 1978. Bob Sheridan photo.

I received the photo above from Ian Stronach with the following comment. If you know more about the view please share it with us...George Dutka  

"I came across this photo on a Facebook page taken by Bob Sheridan. It is an entire CV auxiliary train in the CP yard in St J. The crane is the 4250. Do you know if this was from St. Albans or New London, were I believe the CV kept their big hooks. What was it doing in St. J? Speculation is always dangerous. Had it been cleaning up a wreck on the Richford brand having had to approach it from the north side or perhaps leant out to the SJLC which spent a lot of time on the ground. Was it on its way back to CV at WRJ. Who knows but a neat picture"...Ian Stronach.

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