Sunday, 5 February 2023

LV - Wrong Way Door Car

My two LV wrong way door cars both with different doors, ends and roofs. One is a West Shore Line car while the other is a F&C kit.
I have two different versions of the LV wrong way door car. I also showed you another version that Don Janes has in his collection.    

These 40' wrong way door cars began in the 1910 era as double door auto cars which were later rebuilt in the 1930's in various batches using of f the shelf parts making each rebuild a bit different. They seemed to have found it easier to leave the left door in place which is more in the center location and block in the right door.

These cars lasted into the 1960's in interchange service making them a great model for many era's to include in their fleet...happy modeling...George Dutka

This is Don Janes model of the LV car. I believe it is a F&C offering. Today F&C offers all the versions.
This model is the West Shore Lines model offered by Central Hobby Supply years ago. I used AK neutral grey (filters) as the base coat on the roof.

My two models which are both different in features are a nice addition to my layout.

This model I built a number of years ago from a F&C kit that I purchased at Springfield. I may get it back to the workbench for some PanPastel and roof weathering. 

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