Thursday, 2 February 2023

Springfield Purchases

Next to the scenery material I was almost out of operating levers. Tangent has some really nice looking details in their stock. I also purchased two assorted tool packs from Tichy. I go through a lot of these. 

I did not purchase as much as I normally do but there is not a lot that I actually need. I did purchase some Scenic Express ballast to experiment with, I have not tried their stuff before. I also picked up scenery material that I can't get at home from Scenic Express. 

I also purchase some of BEST stain to try. I normally use all Hunterline stains but this one looks interesting. I also purchased three Basic Kits that I felt could be swapped out with some others that don't have a replacement for...George Dutka

I liked the look of Vetero aged barn wood. I know it will get a lot of use. Also Just the Basics had a large selection. I found three that will work well on the WRD.

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