Saturday, 4 February 2023

Prototype Corner - CN "Baton Rouge."

CN 3144E, number 148, is rounding the curve at MP 10 of the Strathroy Subdivision on June 11, 2021.

 By Peter Mumby. 

CN 148 is an eastbound double stack train bearing both international and domestic containers which usually passes through the London area around mid-morning.  On June 11, 2021 a nice surprise appeared near the head end in the form of CN business car "Baton Rouge."  As implied by the name, the car had an Illinois Central heritage, previously operating as the 10/6 sleeper I.C. 800210.  Before that it was I.C. 3530 "Cook County," and it began life as NKP 207 "City of Peoria."

First up on the train was the business car "Baton Rouge.

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