Saturday 14 October 2023

A Sunday Drive

The Woodstock CN-VIA station is getting a sandblasting and has been cocooned during the process.
I took my wife out for a drive on Sunday after a full week of treatments and doctors visits. We had some old football helmets to deliver for my son to Woodstock to be custom painted  which were from the high school he teaches at and coaches. Driving through Woodstock the road to were we had to go was closed to construction. No surprise there is so many road closures this year. The detour took us right past the VIA-CN station in town. To my surprise it was cocooned in plastic and appears to being sandblasted. It has been painted gray and white over the years I worked for the CN. To see it back to the original brick is really nice. It is a very nice looking station.

I should note that the Brantford station was having refurbishing done when I visited in August. It appears VIA is spending some money.   

The next part of the trip took us up to Stratford and home through St Mary's. To my surprise when we stopped for coffee in Tavistock at Tim Hortons the sign on the wall mentioned this as being the old station site. I had not realized that but once outside I could see the freight house out back and the old ROW across the main street. At the corner the sign reads Station St. which should have been a give away. The line has been abandoned since the late 1980's. It was called the Drumbo sub. which ran from Paris Jct. to Stratford. Another CNR line and station in town from Woodstock also ended here at Tavistock Junction just north of were I was. It was abandoned in the 1930 I think. The Drumbo Sub station still remains in town as a home...but did not see it...George Dutka  
Roadside view of the Woodstock station. 

The ex-frt. house in Tavistock which was along the CN Drumbo Sub.

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