Monday 2 October 2023

Toronto Railway Museum

Steamwhistle Brewing occupies part of the old CPR roundhouse, now a museum in Toronto

A Visit To The Toronto Railway Don Janes

     On Sept.16,2023 my wife and I attended a Toronto Blue Jays ball game at Rogers Centre in downtown Toronto.  We stayed in Oakville (about 20 miles west of Toronto) and took a GO train into Toronto Union Station, just a short walk from the ball park.  Just outside the stadium there is a great railroad museum which was built on the grounds of the old Canadian Pacific roundhouse and coach yard site.  When I hired on the railroad (CNR) in 1972 this was a bustling place but as the CPR exited the passenger business, all the VIA operations were transferred to the old Canadian National Spadina roundhouse and coach yard site, which as it happens, is now where the Rogers Centre is located.
     It was a beautiful day when we boarded our go train for the ride into Toronto.  While waiting for the GO train, I saw three trains come and go from the Oakville station in about five minutes.  We arrived in Toronto about two hours prior to the first pitch so we wandered around the museum and had a nice lunch at an outdoor bar next to the ball park.
    This is a very nice museum located in a park like setting with lots of display pieces spread around the grounds for people to look at.  There is also an inside display area but I ran short of time to get in there.  The grounds offer several places to eat or get a drink before attending a ball game.  Since there was a ball game this day the place was packed but I was able to get a few decent photos.  Below are some of the displays you will see if you visit the museum.  It is well worth a visit to check it out.  By the way, the Jays won 3-2 over Boston in 13 innings.  

Here we see VIA #73 and a westbound GO train arriving at Oakville at the same time.

This is our GO train arriving on track 3

This structure is the old Cabin "D" tower that once stood at the junction of the Weston Sub and Oakville Sub controlling movements in and out of the west end of Toronto Union Station
An old Wooden TH&B caboose 

The tall glass towers loom behind this old CNR wood caboose

This old CNR GP-7 #4803 is starting to fade and is need of a fresh coat of paint.  Somewhere I have a photo I took of it sitting at the diesel shop at MacMillan Yard after receiving a fresh coat of paint.  That must have been close to 30 years ago so she has stood the test of time quite well

Here we see the old CPR coal tower that was moved from its original spot which was to the right of the photo. in the background is the Rogers Centre, home of the Blue Jays and site of the former CNR Spadina Roundhouse

One of CPR's old Baldwin switchers in the sharp maroon and gray scheme. Unfortunately there was a fence around this area and construction going on.

CNR 4-8-4 6213 rests under the coal tower

Another view of the TH&B caboose
Several pieces of equipment with the Toronto skyline in the background.

CPR S-2 switcher 7020 in her original paint scheme

Another view of 6213 under the coal tower
Just as a closing note, if the museum or ball game aren't exciting enough for you, you can always hang out by a rope at the top of the CN Tower and watch the game from there. Personally, I liked my second deck, third row seats behind the Boston dugout.


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