Friday 6 October 2023

Rusting up the roof

These little paint trays come from Dollar Tree, one gets a few in a package.
A look at how this Kadee covered hopper is turning out. I added a coat of Proto Paint, Flat Haze prior to beginning this project. Some Panel Line black is applied along the ribs on the car sides before beginning on the roof. The roof is painted dollar store cinnamon brown. 

I then added some AK dark rust deposits and Vallejo rust texture to the roof prior to Bragdon Powder soot and rust. I then applied Panel Line black to the roof hatches and running boards. A touch of PanPastel titanium white is applied to the hatches. I am planning on showing you the finished car tomorrow....George Dutka   
The finished roof. Here is a tip while applying powders to the roof. Tip the car on an angle so the powders do not land on the sides. If you don't the top half of the car will have a hint of powder.


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