Tuesday 31 October 2023

FOS - Lucky's Gas and Burgers

My newest gas and food joint is ready to fill you up whatever way you need it.

Another of the diner and dives style structures I built this year. This one was shown in the past What's in the Box. It is a free kit from FOS. The construction went well as I have built a number of the free kits which do not come with instructions, just a photo to work from.

This is one of free kits I really like and was really excited to receiving...not sure why it took me so long to get around to building it...George Dutka  

I like to glue all my walls to the corner strip wood before cutting. I feel it just goes faster.

Ready for stain and paint.

I try not to do all my roofing the same. This portion is AK winter steaking grime with a coat of powdered road asphalt.

The walls are painted with MIG rusts that will be followed with powders.

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