Saturday 7 October 2023

Milwaukee Kadee Covered Hopper - Finished

Tamyra panel line black is applied using the small brush in the lid of the bottle. The thinner is used to remove excess black using a Q tip. The car was first sealed using Proto flat haze an acrylic product.
The Milwaukee covered hopper is now finished. Kadee notes on the box the car is from the 98800-98999 series of 200 cars built in 1958. It also notes the car should have an Ajax brake wheel.

The hopper received a treatments that I had not used all that often but really like. I really like the looks of Tamyra panel line in both black and gray. One should apply it over an acrylic gloss coat so it does not effect the lettering and paint originally applied. I have been using flat on my cars but when gloss is used the coloring flows on a lot better. One should not rub the surface to hard with the thinner when removing some of the coloring as it can wear off the acrylic coating.

For rust spots on the sides I used Pigma Micron pens. I have 05 rust and o3 black. I used one color on each side. What you do for the rust spots is touch the pen on the side of the car, then drag a damp brush down from the dot. The rust spots look nice and fine. Pens are found at Michael's. 

The couplers and wheels are coated in AK decay deposits for abandoned vehicles. The hose bag couplers are colored silver with MIG paint. I decided at this point I should fade the center of the panels a bit more. This was done using PanPastel colorless blender...not a lot is required...George Dutka

Adding rust spots and steaks using Micron pens.

The PanPastel and Bragdon powders applied to the model.

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