Friday 27 October 2023

Fall Views


The leaves are falling fast around my neighborhood. On October 22, 2023 VIA 72 blew by me enroute to London, Ont. on the Strathroy Sub. That is the Frank Lane bridge in the background. As the train passed me at 80mph it really blew the leaves around the ground. I turned around and took this photo of the blow by although the leaf count looks lower down the tracks.
Two views from this October that I enjoyed...George Dutka

This view is just west of Komoka Ont. along Oxbow Road. I was waiting for a train to pass that never arrived. It is kind of a neat scene to consider on a layout. The corn is cut in the foreground with geese feeding on the leftovers. The track is just behind the sumac with uncut corn behind. A pasture is then seen behind that on a rise with a heard of cows having lunch. In the background is an old large sized barn.

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