Sunday 22 October 2023

MP Gondola - Weathered!

The finished model is in service on the WRD.
I worked on this F&C panel side model back in the winter. I used a bit of splatter effect to give it a well used look. A load and some scrap is also included in the interior.

The load was painted Anita's rainy day gray followed by a coating of PanPatel grays. Inside the gondola I applied a wash of AK railroad wash from their 3 pack. I then applied Bragdon rusts, some PanPastels followed by a wash of India ink and alcohol.

The splatter is all AK products... filters neutral grey first, then dark rust followed by slimy grime dark...George Dutka

I used two brushes to splatter the AK paints onto the open area of the gondola. I just pull the brush dipped in paint over the back of another.
I ran my aluminum (silver) AK pencil along the edges to give a bit of fresh metal showing through the paint and rust.  
Some scrap bracing is still seen not removed.

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