Saturday 28 October 2023

White River Junction - CV Sand Bin

My sand bin resting on the drawings I used from a 1964 MR article.
I built this CV sand bin back in the 1980's following an article found in MR decades ago. I used it in my Randoph yard layout back then but have updated it a bit and added it next to the coal tower at WRJ. The prototype was in St Albans but is a lot like the one at WRJ...George Dutka   

The sand bind resting on the RMC article about my yard. One can see where the sand bit sat back then. This was the early 1990's.

The sand bin gets a bit of an update with a new stack and some Bragdon powders and chalk.
An overall view of the shop track area of the WRJ yard. The sand bin is were it was 

My detailed Bachmann CV switcher passes the sand bin.

The WRJ yard is a busy place. One can see the sand bin through the coal tower opening. Both CV switchers are Bachmann Alco's that I did some work and painting on.


  1. George, Do you know if the Brattleboro sand house was this big? I am having trouble locating good images of the Bratt coaling tower, sand house and ash pit.

  2. Hi Jeff
    The sand bins is actually from St Albans but similar one stood next to the WRJ coal tower. Not sure if there was one in Brattleboro, I am sure there was...will look into that...George