Friday, 14 November 2014

Bar Mills - Water Tank

Here we see the ladder side of this great looking tank. There are a lot of nice molded in details that pop out once you start weathering the model. A great addition to an industrial site.
This tank was first viewed in What's in the Box No. 9 and you got a sneak peek at it in this weeks Wordless Wednesday. It is a nice kit to build and I did not run into any issues along the way. The instruction are quite clear and easy to follow. The kit is all plastic so a lot of it was put together using Walthers goo, but some plastic cement was needed in some leg joints. The tank is in two parts that takes some sanding to get a good fit. The railing around the platform took some extra time to fit together right...maybe the hardest part of the construction process. There was almost no flashing to clean up. The support legs, ladders and smaller detail parts went together quickly.  I painted the whole kit Floquil grimy black with a bit of rust mixed in. The concrete feet are of course painted concrete. The decals included are used to spell out Westboro. Gloss coat was used prior to decaling and a coat of flat finish was applied shortly after decal application. Once done a good coating of Bragdon powders, rust and soot was used....George Dutka

It appear a lot taller in this photo than it actually is.

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