Saturday, 22 November 2014

Landscaping the White River Division

Westminster Center section house has been replaced by my Rutland Ry. style Petersburg, NY station. The open area across the tracks will be the home of a feed mill. All the ground cover in this area had been freshen up. Some areas got flocking.
Over the last week I have been working on landscaping the area near the old duck-under. In the process I removed Westminster Center and have added Petersburg station to that location. The station is a drop in so I can always change it back, but I really like the new look to the scene. The creamery is gone also. I have used that creamery on every module and layout I ever built...I think it needs a rest. It will be re-detailed and used as a diorama for now. A BEST NH feed mill will be the replacement. The marble quarry is staying with some added details. I reused the Rutland section house which is a drop in mini module and also my milk shed module. These two can be switched around when needed. The BEST general store is ready to go also.

The grass is getting long around the edge of the recently plowed field. Its fall and the corn is now cut and the stalks plowed under. Not sure if the farmer used that old sure looks pretty old to me. I purchased some fall golden rod that will be applied shortly to this scene.
I have a lot of airbrushing to is actually starting to piling up now but with having grand-kids over almost every day lately (I don't want to smell up the basement) our grand-kids play room is down stairs also. Don always says that it should be my layout room. The grand-kids room is twice the size of my layout room...not sure what happened there. Anyhow in between visits I have been working on scenery. I did some flocking last winter on the layout (my first attempt) and was not all that pleased with the results. I decided to try it again using advice I got last winter from Don Janes and Pierre Oliver during visits...guess what, I think it looks great now....more on that later...George

The rough scenery is in. The ballast will be applied shortly along with detailing The three structures seen here are all drop in modules that can be changed out when I get tired of looking at them. The section house will get a new slate roof shortly.

This view shows some improvements from the one above. I spent last night working on putting this scene back together. The siding got a new layer of Highball cinder ballast, the marble loads and crane are back once again. Looks like the main line needs some work also. It has been a long time since the siding has had any traffic on it.

Majority of the foreground has received a layer of flocking while other areas are refreshed with ground foam. Highball ballast still needs to be applied to the main line. I actually added a few more apples to the trees this fall and one can see the cows sure appreciate the taller grasses to graze on.


  1. George, Jimmy Simmons of Monster Models says thanks for posting the information on the Robertson paper Co. I wouldn't have known about it if it wasn't for all of that great information you have been posting. also, it's a pleasure to follow all of those intense and prolific modelers on Marty's site. You, being a" stickler" for detail I just finished an end of the road barricade ref.CV in color By Melvin and Plant pg. 39, have you built one of these yet. Thanks again JOHN HAJNOSZ now back to digging out from 84 inches of snow !!!

  2. Hi John:
    I feel for you with all that snow. Glad the Robertson post helped you out, I am looking forward to building it soon. I will be posting some prototype views shortly that I took this fall. I know the road barricade you are talking about. It is neat looking...any photos of your model yet...George

  3. George, I have photos of the barricade but need your e-mail address, you can have Marty forward it to me, I don't think he would mind, for security. Marty has my E-mail address also. JOHN HAJNOSZ