Thursday, 13 November 2014

RUGG Mfg. Update

RUGG Mfg. has been placed in the layout and basic scenery has been added.

RUGG Mfg. Finds a Spot on the Green Mountain Don Janes

     It's been a couple of weeks now since I posted a few photos showing the progress I was making on my layout's newest structure, RUGG Mfg. by South River Model Works.   I finally got the structure and its foam base cut into the layout in the town of Wells River.  It took some planning to get it at the correct elevation so the siding would be at the correct height with respect to the loading platform but with some shimming and supports under the layout it came together quite nicely.  I really like the change in elevation from one end of the building to the other and the stone retaining walls give it some character.  
     To get the grade in the roadway that runs down to the front of the factory I simply carved the 1" Styrofoam base with a sharp knife to the correct contour then added a layer of Sculptamold all around the building to form an scenery base .  The Sculptamold is great for blending the scenery where the foam and structure meet.  Once that was dry I painted the entire area with earth coloured latex paint and added a layer of sand while the paint was still wet.  This makes a good base for the final ground cover.  The road is made of fine dirt and stone blended together and the grass is made from various types of foam and turf materials.  Once I get more of the basic scenery done in the Wells River area I will go back and add static grass and other scenic details to finish the scene. There are also a few more details that need to be added to the structure itself including some stacks, a large cyclone vent and some window fans and vents.  I also need to add a bunch of other small details such as crates, barrels, pallets, vehicles and figures.  There is also a masonry storage building that needs to be finished that will sit behind the factory.
This side view of the building shows just how large the building is and also shows the change in elevation.
This trackside view of the structure shows the large wooden loading platform and various sections that make up the  factory. The track in the foreground is the mainline.

This shot is a close-up of the rear storage warehouse and loading dock.  The various roof lines make for an interesting structure.
The small tar-paper  storage shed shows an example of the details that will be added all around the building.
Another view of the track side of the building with the mainline in the center and the creamery coal trestle in the foreground. Note the masonry building in the background.  Below, the vehicles help give a perspective as to the size of the structure. Lots more details still need to be added.

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