Saturday, 29 November 2014

Robertson Paper Co. - Bellows Falls. Vt.

Robertson is a large complex. As one can see only a small portion of this building is modeled in the Monster Modelwork kit.
I got a chance to stop by Bellows Falls, Vermont this October and photograph the Robertson Paper Co. These views will help me with getting the brick colour close to that of the prototype on my model. This structure is actually very large. A small portion of it is modeled in the Monster Modelwork kit... that being the portion that can be seen from the station....George Dutka

A good look at the brick colouring.
Looking at the opposite end of what is found in the kit.
One can see a concrete stop block in this photo. There must have been an additional siding on this side of the building.
This probably was one of the main entrances years ago.


  1. George Does that raised roof on the back of the structure extend all the way to the front of the structure or does it occupy half of the structure. I was thinking about buying another kit and combining both structures together and add this raised roof, if I have the space. JOHN

  2. Hi John: No the raised roof is only located on the rear of the structure. If you look closely at the raised roof photo you will see it ends at the first tree on the left...George

  3. Thanks for sharing these. I have this kit too and this will help in the painting and finishing process. Interesting how many dark bricks there are when you see it up close. Should be a fun project!