Friday, 21 November 2014

Monday Visit to the Green Mountain Division

A look down the road at the end of White River Jct. yard on the Green Mountain Division.
This past Monday Peter Mumby and I took a drive over to visit with Don Janes. Although Don and I get together quite often I had not been over to see his layout for some time now. We picked the right day as the rest of the week sucked weather-wise...not as bad as Buffalo thank God. We had a nice visit and got a good look at the most recent additions to his layout. I really liked Don's finished South River Works models. We also got a good look at a couple of Don's newer rolling stock acquisitions. The photos tell the story...George Dutka

One of the newer offerings by True Line Trains is this great looking CPR boxcar. Don's model is right out of the box. It looked so good I decided to add one to my WRD fleet.
Bowser has a line of hoppers that come assembled and extremely well detailed. Don picked up these two ready-to-run covered hoppers recently, a nice addition to his fleet.
The end details are extremely fine on these cars.

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  1. That's a great looking layout....the cars look so real