Saturday, 1 November 2014

Putney, Vt. - Station

Ex-B&M station, Putney, Vt. This is actually the second station used.
On October 15, 2014 I visited the old B&M station site at Putney, Vt. My wife and I actually were visiting Basketville in town and took a right off the freeway instead of a left which takes one to the dead-end at the tracks a few hundred yards from the turnoff. Planned that right. The station is currently a home and appears in very good shape. I had visited this site maybe 15-20 years ago and remember the station being a bit run down. This weeks wordless Wednesday viewed the first Putney station...George Dutka

The south end of old station and the rear wall.
Putney station while in use by the B&M railroad.
A view of the ex-Putney station looking south.
The bay window and order board still remain today.

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