Sunday 30 November 2014

More Scenery Completed on the WRD

Most of the scenery is in around the general store. Ballast and crossing planks still will have to be applied. I also have a CV boxcar section house to be added to the scene.
I took these photos this week of the portion of the layout I have been working on. I got a lot of scenery down last weekend with very little progress since then. I hope to get back at it once again today. I also need to get a few spotlights added to the ceiling for highlighting.

On another note I recently purchase some more cinder Highball ballast. I took a good look at it before purchasing. It appeared to be what I feel is HO scale. There was old stock on the shelf still that I could do a comparison with. There was a distinctive difference. The old stock looks a lot grainier such as what I purchased last fall. They must have bagged  HO stock with O scale ballast by mistake...just my thought...George Dutka

I have yet to ballast this curve which continues through the wall into the next room. I am waiting till bench work and track alignment is completed between the two as I may have to adjust the trackage a bit. I am sure I have it right but you never know till all the spikes are in.
A CNR caboose is about to go under the bridge which hides the hole to the next room and the future yard at Bellows Falls.

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