Monday, 10 November 2014

White River Division- Update

Here is how the old duck under area of White River Division currently looks. The plaster cloth is down and painted. I may add my milk platform to this scene, but the jury is out at the moment. This week I need to get the wall painted a sky blue and mix up some of Lou's ground goop.
Over the past week I got a good amount of modeling done although most days I was tied up with family commitments. I did get a new piece of rolling stock on the layout as seen in last weeks tank car post. I have a push on to get the B&M yard office finished for the White River Jct. yard. It is the only structure and detail that needs finishing at that end of the layout. As one can see be the photo I am almost done with this structure. I did put the roof on this weekend and built up a form for pouring the concrete base it sat on.

The layout got some additional work also. The cloth contours are on and painted. The ground goop still needs to be applied. I built a wooden overpass that will hide the hole through the wall to Bellows Falls. This I built using plans I found of a B&M prototype about a week ago.  I will fill you in once the scene is done....till then...George Dutka

The B&M White River Junction Yard office is coming along. The Monster Model Works chimney is used. In this view I just finished adding the slate roofing. I still need to build the 4' concrete base it sat on. The awnings, sign, porch and railings are needed also.


  1. Looking real good George! Is the bridge stripwood? What sort of finish? Looks especially nice. Of course the yard office looks amazing too - nice peeling boards!

  2. Hi Chris, thanks. The main supports and railings are made up of mostly leftovers that I had from my BEST country store kit. There was a lot of support material left. The decking I had to use up some stip-wood I had on hand. Hunterline weathering mix is my go to for most unfinished wood. Plan to cover the bridge once the scene is complete...George