Friday, 28 November 2014

What's in the Box No.10

The all wood kit comes packaged really well in individual sealed plastic bags.
Robertson Paper Co. - Bellows Falls, Vermont
I got my newest kit a few weeks ago from Monster Modelworks and thought I would show you what was inside. I should start out by saying they keep you in the loop once you place an order. I first got an e-mail stating the kits are cut, and boxed as orders come in...and are done in sequence first ordered, first shipped. They tell you that they will e-mail you when order is shipped, and they did. I got my order very quickly once mailed.

The building is an all wood building although the model is of a brick building. The wall look great, the windows are fine material that looks good also. The instructions appear to be easy to follow with a good amount of photos. There are some signs and good looking roofing. They also included a set of window bars or grates that one could use on the structure...this was an extra for ordering early. I will set them aside for another project. There are no metal detail casting of any sort include...or I don't see any yet as I have not opened the bags till I begin the kit....will fill you in once I get going on this project....George Dutka

The window safety grills are in the lower portion of the photo. The window bag is above.
The box, sign and roofing packages are seen here.

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  1. I also purchased this structure from your information posted on your site, will probably be my next project, finishing up the warehouse that stands across ST. Albans station before I begin this one. JOHN