Sunday, 9 November 2014

R.J. Elwell General Store - A Second Look

I used the coke sign on this end as a billboard. One could rub in on as a poster or paint on sign.
I took a few shots from all sides of my finished kit. A look around the store I thought could help one while building this model....George Dutka

BEST included a good amount of metal casting to this kit, but I like adding a few extra details to the front porch such as the pumpkins, apple crate, milk can, barrels and garbage can.
I added a poster and one sign to this wall although many are included. The railing and stairs took a bit of figuring and work. I made the steps 3 feet wide. All the railing and steps have a wash of Hunterline weathering mix applied followed by some dirty brown Bragdon powders added.
The figures used in this scene are by Woodland Scenics. The smoke stack got three wire braces that are not mentioned or included in the kit. I think a stack that tall might need something to hold it up. The pumps are metal casting that are painted Floquil white and red. The base is wood and colours with Floquil concrete.
The brick chimney is a metal casting that needed filing to follow the roof line. I painted it a muddy red followed by some powders. I used Walthers Goo to attach it. A pigeon is on top that is painted white.

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