Sunday 31 December 2017

Adding Layers To Photos

Bill Gill's magic on display.
On the NEB&W Facebook page recently there was a photo posted viewing the magic of Bill Gill. Bill took a photo taken by James Lauser on the NEB&W layout and converted it to a Christmas card scene. He did a great job of it so I contacted Bill regarding this photo. I would love to be able to do this at some point myself. Here is the information one needs to get going that Bill passed along.

One needs to play around with GIMP which is a free program, open source software similar to Photo Shop. The picture is a combination of the original NEB&W photo plus 8-9 photos taken around my neighborhood and then fiddled with and mushed together. This view is a layered photo. I used a photo of a tree on top of a car to replace the canoe on the Woodie seen in the original view.

Thanks Bill, guess I may have found another hobby...Happy New Years...George Dutka

The original photo taken by James Lauser that Bill played around with.

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