Saturday, 16 December 2017

Tichy Kit Complete

The finished model with a PanPastel weathering job. The door is actually black but I made it look distressed with Bragdon rust and dust. The door on one side is modeled open with some scrap paper, banding and a skid.
Peter and I each began working on the same Tichy kit back in the spring. When summer arrived we each decided to continue on our own. The kits were by then built and painted...all that was needed was decals applied and some weathering. The car sides are suppose to be a silvery colour. I painted them a mix of Floquil old silver with some concrete added. The PanPastel gray also helped toning it down even more. My car did not get the decals applied till this fall and the weathering a few weeks ago. Once Peter's car is done I will show you how it looks also...George Dutka

On the layout the car looks great but in photos I found the roof looked just too weathered. I toned it down a bit with a light coat of Floquil grimy black.
The toned down roof.
A look at the weathered door and the scrap found inside the finished model. I also added a bit of chain to the brake piston below.


  1. George, the open door scene is fantastic. I have a large bunch of Tichy kits on the go. Really enjoying them but I think I have tacked to many in one hit. Anyway fantastic weathering and detailing on the car.

  2. Thanks Adrian it was a fun project...George

  3. The weathering is so believable. Well done George!