Thursday 28 December 2017

Contoocook Lives On!

Contoocook was built into Dick Elwell's layout following his move to a new home in 2002 and is now called Cheshire.
Don Janes and I visited Dick Elwell's layout during the late fall of 2013. One of the scenes I took a few photos of was built by Lou Sassi for his book "A Realistic HO Layout For Beginners" 1998 Kalmbach Publishing. This portion of the layout was then incorporated into the Hoosic Valley Ry...George Dutka

Looking down at the town once called Contoocook. The station is the Rutland Ry. New Haven kit. I will shortly show you my take of this structure.


  1. I saw this photo and said to myself, "wow, that looks just like Lou Sassi's layout. I must have bought Lou's Book, A Realistic HO Layout For Beginners about 15 years ago. It got me started in this hobby and I still use it as a reference. Very cool to know that the Contocook layout is still alive and well!

  2. Hi Steve:
    I know what you mean about that book...I still refer to that book also and it is nice to see the layout once again at Dick's...George