Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Sarnia Visit

A view on Don Janes Green Mountain Route. Peter Mumby photo
Yesterday I mentioned Peter Mumby and I made a trip to Sarnia to visit with Don Janes and Jim Sloan. I had not been to Don's home in about a year although we have been together many times on adventures. It has been a few years for Peter since he visited the Green Mountain Route. Our friend Luc Sabourin was also over visiting at Don's to get ideas for a new layout he is about to begin.

After Lunch Peter and I headed over to Jim Sloan's, a short drive away. Jim is an industrial area modeler. His layout is similar to the old core industrial area of Detroit. Jim's era is modern up to when graffiti started showing up on rolling stock. We could not pin down the date that actually happened, we would love to hear from someone that knows. It seems like graffiti was a gradual change. Jim is a very fine modeler, his engines and rolling stock are over the top. His layout runs a GTW mainline that connects with a shortline. More can be found on his blog, link below...George Dutka


I catch Peter working on documenting our visit.

Luc and Don discuss what might happen in Waterbury.
A few post back I covered my Alloy Forms model. Here we see Don's version.

Group photo at Don's. Left to right is Peter, George, Don and Luc.

Peter catches Jim talking to me while his GTW freight operates around him.
Jim has done a fine job with the weathering of this unit.

A look at the engine terminal on Jim Sloan's layout. Peter Mumby photo

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  1. George and Don, I don't what's more impressive, the scenery and structures or the trains. Don, I can see Waterbury Station. JOHN