Thursday, 21 December 2017

What's in the Box - No. 28

Everything that comes in the Railway Design Associates kit box is seen here. Not a hard kit to assemble.
I finally pulled out my "New Haven," Rutland Ry. style station to build. I am doing two sides as abandoned for summer time use and the other two as in the 1950's. Only two sides can be seen at any given time in the location I planned....George Dutka

There is some clean-up to be done to the details, walls and windows.
Located in New Haven, Vermont the prototype photo was taken March 2012. This is actually the rear of the structure.
Don's completed station model on his Green Mountain Division. Don did closely follow the prototype by cutting in the train order signal. Note the cut into the roof. He also added downspouts following the actual station. Don Janes photo.


  1. Nice depot. Was this also used by Lou Sassi on some of his MR layouts and possibly Dick Elwell?

    Merry Christmas,


    1. Hi Barry:
      Yes Lou built the same station for I think his first book layout project. That layout was incorporated into Dick's home layout...George

  2. I know it's a pretty straight-forward kit, but I'll look forward to following a build thread if there is one! :^) Always interested in seeing how experienced modelers finish simple kits - like Don with the downspouts and cutting-in the order board post. Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Chris:
    Maybe I can get Don to write-up his version...mine is much more simple and I will cover it shortly...just about done the build...George