Saturday 23 December 2017

Athearn Express Reefer - Rust Bucket

This 50' wooden express reefer got some heavy weathering to make it stand out from the crowd. Since the only place rusty metal would be are on the doors, the roofing and sills...they got a good dose of acrylic tub paint in rust, browns and black. Some white acrylic is drybrushed down from the sign and roof hatches. Once that was done some extra PanPastel was applied to tie it all together.
I had taken this Athearn express reefer to sell at a couple of train shows last year with no luck. I was only asking five bucks and it had been PanPastel weathered. It is one of a few I have on hand for a CV milkcar kit-bash such as Bruce Douglas had done. I had blogged about that car last summer. Anyhow I spend about 30 minutes on this car with my acrylic tube paints. I did a real rust job on it. Well it never made it to anymore shows as one gentleman that was over to pick up his new layout structures (some of my extra's) noted it on my table of train show candidates last month. He gave me fifteen bucks for it...surprising what a little extra work yields...George Dutka

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