Sunday 3 December 2017

More Weathered Rolling Stock

The two newest WRD coal hoppers are ready for service.
I have been busy weathering up some more of my coal hoppers. This is a type of rolling stock I had not focused on in the past. These two hoppers are both Athearn models which I picked up second hand with resin coal loads added. I replaced the stirrups with Tichy parts and the brake wheels with a Kadee wheel. I also added air hoses to the D&H car...George Dutka

The Athearn hopper is seen with the stirrups changed out.

The weathering of the D&H hopper was done with a mix of PanPastels over acrylic paints. All the material used is seen in this photo.

Most of the weathering is done to the car. The coal load got a fresh coat of paint and a dusting of PanPastel coarse coal dust.

The finished model.

With Winter nearing it is good to know the WRD has a small fleet of hoppers full of coal en-route.


  1. HI George,
    What would you use to produce a fade on a black hopper car?? I'm good with rusting effects, but working with black hoppers is a hang up for me. Thanks !

  2. Hi Scott:
    I used a dark gray PanPastel just brushed down the center area of each panel of the black hopper in these photos. If it does not look right one can wash it off and try again...George