Friday, 29 December 2017

GTW Caboose Model

Rolling along the WRD. This model is a Roco model.
At a recent train show Peter had a box of his personal rolling stock that he was looking to unload. Downsizing is a good thing with all the kit the two of us have accumulated this year. Anyhow I recognized the GTW caboose as one I built and sold to Peter probably 25-30 years ago. I once had a fleet of GTW cars, engines and cabooses that I ran on the Thames Valley Central Modular Club when we both were members. Once I dropped out of the club I sold off  the GTW equipment as I was already into modeling New England. Peter was kind enough to give me back the model. I have since updated it a bit and added it to my caboose collection.

The Prototype
The oldest steel cabooses on the GTW roster was 34 former Santa Fe cabooses built by American Car & Foundry. They were numbered 75000-75033 and built in 1928. GTW 75010 was the last in service caboose in this series assigned to yard and transfer service. One could see it as late as 1992 working the yards...George Dutka

The first thing I did was paint the roof walks with acrylic wood coloured paint. When built these cabooses got wooden roof walks.

A conductor has been added and some PanPastels are applied. I also added wire supports to the caboose stack. Some tub acrylic's are also used. I also added a Black Cat CN style brass etched caboose screen door.

For a short while my old caboose got some runs in on the WRD. It might come out for additional posts that view my caboose with some of Peter's GTW engines on the WRD.
This caboose has the steel panel covering the rear window as was common on the GT versions. This one is on display at the Lapeer, Mi station. June 10 2000, Chris Martin photo, Peter Mumby collection.

I crossed paths with this style of caboose at Port Huron, Mi. Oct. 16, 1988. I believe this was one of the trips Peter and I took back in the day when one could wander the yard in certain locations but with some restrictions. I remember being able to look at the equipment in the car shop area but was not allowed to photograph anything there. Note the end window on this caboose is not closed over, but the cupola windows are. It also has a CNR style stack added. This one might be a good model candidate.

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