Saturday 29 April 2023

B&O "Wagontop" Covered Hopper

A B&O wagontop which has been nicely weathered by Bob Bowes. All I had to do was clip the trip pin on the Kadee couplers. A really nice car once offered by West Shore Line.
Back last fall I picked up a few kits that were completely by Bob Bowes. They were from the estate of one of my modeling friends Mike Yurek. This one a is a West Shore Line kit offered years ago by Central Hobby Supply in Syracuse NY. They had a really nice line of kits back in the 1990's. I did purchase a couple back then that I surprisingly built considering I have a large pile of unbuilt kits...George Dutka      

The other side of the covered hopper.
In service and on the move on the WRD.


  1. They are great kits and I miss Central Hobby Supply. It was a must visit stop on each visit to Syracuse.