Monday 17 April 2023

N Scale - Boxcar Weathering

My Atlas N scale boxcar before weathering begins. The boxcar got a coat of flat finish a few days prior to applying the finishes.
I weathered this Atlas N scale USRA single sheathed boxcar roof the same as I normally do my HO scale boxcars. This was my first N scale roof. I think it turned out well being a small area...George Dutka   

A wash of AK Nato tanks rainmarks has been applied over the entire roof. any gray will work. I have also been using dollar store acrylic paints too but have been getting away from these products.

PanPastel Raw umber shade and has been coated over AK gray followed by a coat of red iron oxide extra dark, which was a light coating. It is a bit tricky working on such a small area.

The completed weathered boxcar has been weathered heavy on the roof but light on the sides. The sides have PanPastel red iron oxide extra dark lightly applied. I think the weathered roof makes the car appear more realistic in my fleet. I also added some finely sanded paper on the tackboards as notices and placards.

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