Friday 14 April 2023

True Color Brushable Paint

True Color brushable paints come in CN colours and also engine black plus a few more tones. I also noted Paris Junction Hobbies are also carrying True Color paints, but did not notice brushables. For those that have not used these paints it is an acetone base paint.
Don Janes and I spent the day on Tuesday railfanning, visiting Peter Mumby and picking up Don's orders at Otter Valley hobby shop. They have added more paints to their stock lately and I was surprised to see brushable paints in CN colors. I had to pick one up to see what it was all about. My quick test, the paint flowed well and covered good. I noted a slight gloss to the paint when dry. One would still have to apply a gloss coat prior to decaling...George Dutka    

I also purchased MEC pine green which is their normal paint ready to spray. Brushable paint fall in the 800 series. I did a test square to see how it flowed and covered. It covered and flowed really well when applying by brush but I made a mess of them when I dropped my paint cloth over both test sheets and made a mess of them. The lines and smudges on the squares are my custom work.


  1. Do these paints dry up in the bottles as easily as model paints stored in glass bottles with metal lids? No matter what I do, that seems to always happen.

  2. Hi Ben
    Most paints a limited shelf life once open. My Floquil paints I just store upside down but all others are upright. Floquil lasts a couple of years once open. I noted some of my AK stains have disappeared from the bottle which is also plastic lid and bottle. Not sure how True Color paints stay...hopefully I can get a few years out of the bottle before it is unusable...George