Thursday 8 June 2023

CPR Richmond St. London, Ontario

An arial view of a CP train WB at the CPR station. That is Richmond St. in the foreground. No date is mentioned. Fred Weyerman collection.
I am not on Facebook but my wife is and pointed out these three photos of the area around the CPR station on Richmond St. The first is a nice arial view of the area and then an overhead shot taken from a building north of the tracks. The last is a meet out front of the station. Both trains are stopped when the photo was taken...George Dutka    

 A CPR EB crosses Richmond St. Note the crossing tower on the left. Fred Weyerman 1951. Also the Supertest head office and service station is seen at the back of the photo which I discussed earlier that had the clock that lit up.

CPR 2856 and CPR 2857 meet at London's CPR station. Note the large Shelby Shoe Factory on the right. The building that is seen in the middle of the scene must have been were the other overhead view was taken. August 11, 1945 Larry Broadbent collection, Robert Ray photo.

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