Friday, 2 June 2023

Maybe a Creamery?

Two structures from my structure bin that might come together into a creamery complex.
After visiting Bill Moore and thinking about our discussion regarding creameries. I pulled out a mess of a Walthers ice house I purchased for a couple of bucks a few years back and a Walthers structure that someone made into a feed structure. I think it was advertised as part of Walthers creamery complex a few years back.

Anyhow I may chop up the ice house by at least a third and assemble it as an creamery ice house. I would then see what I might do with the feed mill...maybe add on some extra extensions such as a boiler house. The one end of the feed building looks kind of like a smaller version of the creamery on the Rutland Ry. in Vergennes, Vermont. 

Anyhow Bill was interested in a creamery if I was interested in building him this might be it if I don't put too much work into it and keep it for myself...George Dutka

The ice house is in sad shape with many missing pieces and broken plastic. The good thing is it was not glued together well as it is all falling apart. The feed structure is missing windows and details too. The roof is not glued on making it easier to work on. I actually like these kind of structures that nothing is attached makes changing things around easier.

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