Saturday, 10 June 2023

Delray Tower more views


It does not matter which side one stages the tower, the scene looks good. This is the backside of the tower. I added a copy of the original towers signs on each side. The tower had two sizes of signs attached.
A few more views of my Delray tower that show some the details better...George Dutka 

A closeup view of the staircase. I added a sign under the stairs along with a Tichy barrel full of trash. Some weeds and brush is glued to the lower areas. The smaller of the two Delray signs is attached on this side.
The sign on this side is actually a photocopy of one found on the front of an engine in my GTW book. It seemed to work well.

The front side of the tower got a GTW herald. The tower I don't think ever had the sign on but many of the earlier structures did and they were larger size signs. I used a color copy of my Acu-cal decals. That is a 3D printed milk crate at the top of the landing with some details placed inside.


  1. Your version of Delray Tower looks really good. I like the overall tone of the brickwork. Tempted me now to buy the kit myself.

  2. Thanks Jim
    Yes it is a nice model and could fit in nicely onto your layout as the size is not overwhelming...George